I, Torch


In this 3-minute video, the maker demonstrates the process of flame working a flower. The narrator, describing the process, takes the point-of-view of the torch. This glass component will find its way into a bouquet that pays homage to Walt Whitman.






CBS Sunday Morning: 2015

The Beautiful World of Paperweights

The common paperweight rarely gets much attention in today's digital world. But Paul Stankard's dazzling creations are true works of art - an entire universe encased in glass. Martha Teichner visits the artist at his New Jersey studio.







ArtPride NJ: 2014

State of the Arts

Meet renowned glass artist Paul Stankard at his studio in Southern New Jersey. His work can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The Louvre in Paris and the Museum of American Glass in Millville, New Jersey. The nature inspired detail in his work will amaze you.



Craft in America: 2013

PBS: 2012

Paul Stankard Glass at the Akron Art Museum

This documentary captures the essence of Stankard's intricate glass art objects and features discussion with him about artistry. It also includes a visit to the Akron Art Museum to view the world's largest public collection of Stankard's work.


Museum of Glass: 2011

Beauty Beyond Nature

This film documents the life and work of Paul Stankard, a glass master and studio glass pioneer. 



Glass Art Society: 2010

Oral History Series

Visiting Stankard Studio: 2010