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Artistic Risk and the Ticking Clock

Should an artist in his 70s confine himself to his comfort zone?  One master says no.  

By Paul J. Stankard

"...Do I really want to take on this new challenge, venture down a new path, not knowing how much time I have left?  I'm curious about my future.  What's ahead?  I don't know.  But I do know that, in every sense that matters, my future is now."

October/November 2017


Paul J. Stankard, Field Flowers Cluster with Honeycomb and Swarming Honeybees, D. 6.0 inches, 2012.jpg

The Surprising History (and Future) of Paperweights

By Chantel Tattoli

"...Paul Stankard, according to Queenth*, 'was one of the first contemporary glass artists to elevate paperweights to an art form.' Stankard is a living master, unrivaled. 'While flowers in nineteenth-century weights can be somewhat cartoonish,” she said, “his are always incredibly accurate, like botanical studies.' She pointed to Stankard’s bees. 'You can practically hear them buzzing.'"

*Carleigh Queenth, head of ceramics and glass at Christie's

September 2017

Chantel Tattoli is a freelance journalist who has contributed to the New York Times Magazine,, the Los Angeles Review of Books and Orion.